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May 09 2010

Mendel X axis
Our Mendel X axis is done, belt and motor mounted and tested.
Mendel X axis
Our Mendel X axis is done, belt and motor mounted and tested.
Mendel Belt Splitter Jig 2
Inspired by the belt splitter from Ed, we quickly designed and lasercut this one.

With stanley knife inserted.
Mounted in a vice, this doesn't even require wearing leather gloves :)

June 13 2009

Temporarily attached CPU fan
Since the Makerbot prints significantly faster than our old CNC-based reprap setup and the firmware already has a command for turning cooling on and off (on=M106, off=M107), I taped on an old CPU fan to see if build quality improved.
Nophead's utility meter key with and without cooling
Build quality improvement by adding cooling.
The left object was printed with the default Makerbot setup (i.e. default layer size, feedrates, filament feed etc.) with no cooling.
The right one uses the exact same parameters, but with the cooling fan running during the entire print.
I was really amazed by the difference - I guess this setup will be permanent from now on :)

June 08 2009

Kali the Makerbot
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Kali the Makerbot #1
Kali the Makerbot #2
Closeup of Metalab logo
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Kali - second print
Parameters tuned and our first test object came out quite nicely. Had to switch to black ABS for the occasion.
Kali - first print
Something went wrong with Skeinforge combined with wrong machines.xml settings for the V2.3 stepper motor drivers.
Makerbot #43 in progress
Twisted boxes in production
Zach went into mass production of twisted boxes as a giveaway for Maker Faire. The combination of black and white looks awesome.
Reprap Action Car @ Noisebridge
We donated our reprapped action car to C-Base for their fund raising auction during 25c3. We had no idea who actually bought it until we stumbled across it sitting in a showcase at Noisebridge when Philipp and I visited them in SF.

Nice :)
New Makerbot X-Y carriage with old McWire carriage #2
The young are so bright and shiny, but the old one built from stainless steel and aluminum just chuckles at how brittle the young ones are today.
New Makerbot X-Y carriage with old McWire carriage #1
Old and young X-Y carriages meet for some cross-generational small talk.

June 06 2009

First extrusion!
After hours of debugging, culminating in finding an invisible solder bridge on the avr chip, we finally reached extrusion on our first extruder. The second one is being built as we speak.
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Makerbot #42 being painted
Philipp doing the first layer. Mmm, wonder what style this one will end up in..

June 05 2009

Makerbot #43 insides
The inside must be red. You'll all understand why in a while..
Makerbot #43 outside
Black is still not exhausted as a makerbot outside color, and this on really needs to be black. Stay tuned :)
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