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May 29 2011


January 13 2011

Plastruder Mk5 alternative resistor mount
Hot soldering the wires to the resistors was messy. I think this alternative approach is a better solution. Use M2 screws and nuts, and a star washer to get a better grip on the wire.

December 11 2010

DIY Sierpinski Triangle
DIY Sierpinski triangle. It somehow got iterated a few times by early morning party survivors.

Fractal Cookies
Inspired by Evil Mad Scientists, Bina made some fractal cookies for the Mandelbrot remembrance party @ Metalab.

Fractal Snacks
What is a fractal party without fractal snacks? Even healthy ones..
Yummy with sour cream dip!


December 06 2010

0541 0910 500

Roboexotica 2010 is over. It's been a wild ride - now it's time to sit back and let the impressions and experiences sink in.

Congratulations to all my fellow Metalabbers whose robots grabbed first prices in all the primary categories; serving, mixing, conversation and fire&smoke.

Thanks to Jane and Anouk for a fruitful and inspiring collaboration!

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May 13 2010

Metalab Raketensilo, Baustufe 1
The dream will soon become reality. Muahahaha!
Tags: metalab
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May 09 2010

Mendel X axis
Our Mendel X axis is done, belt and motor mounted and tested.
Mendel X axis
Our Mendel X axis is done, belt and motor mounted and tested.
Mendel Belt Splitter Jig 2
Inspired by the belt splitter from Ed, we quickly designed and lasercut this one.

With stanley knife inserted.
Mounted in a vice, this doesn't even require wearing leather gloves :)
Hanging Shelf
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January 31 2010

Bus Pirate V2 Enclosure
This enclosure was modeled using OpenSCAD. The model is partially parametrized, meaning you can adapt the parameters given at the start of the file and an enclosure will be generated to fit your inner volume, holes, material thickness etc.

See www.thingiverse.com/thing:1716 for model source code.
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January 07 2010

Energy meta meter mounted
Overview over the enhanced energy meter.
The JeeNode handling the radio transmission can be spotted in the lower left corner.
The yellow notes belongs to the old non-system of keeping track of power usage at the Metalab.
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Energy meta meter mounted
This is the final configuration; meter circuit and cover clamped in place. The cable from the meter runs into a JeeNode which transmits the readings using an RFM12-based radio.
Energy meter cover and clamp
These are lasercut out of cardboard and delrin respectively. I used delrin since we had it lying around and it's a lot less brittle than acrylic. Cardboard is ubiquitous and cheap to laser.
The cardboard cover is used as a guide to align the sensor with the rotor disc and to block ambient light. The upper window allows humans to read the analog digits.
Energy meta meter "enclosure" 2
The capa enclosure has now set and become opaque white.
Energy meta meter "enclosure"
I used CAPA, aka. friendly plastic, aka. Polycaprolactone to make a quick and dirty enclosure for the meter circuit.
The capa is still warm and thus half transparent.
The slot in the middle is a guide for a clamp for attaching it to the energy meter.
Energy meta meter
Circuit for measuring revolutions of the rotor disk in energy meters, i.e. metering the meter. The detector is an EE-SY310 from Omron.

January 05 2010

CNC extruder
The modified extruder mounted on the CNC mill.
Tags: metalab reprap
CNC extruder closeup
Closeup of the extruder modified to fit on a CNC mill.
Tags: metalab reprap
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